May 13, 2007



There are many countries that are like left behind from the world or laws, in those countries people die of a horrible way, tortures, killings, rapes, etc.

Sandeep S

We sure are glad to hear about Dr.Sen's release yesterday. But lets remember that its only a battle won, the war is still going to be on with the case pending on him.

Rinzing Wangdi

I was Binayaks clssfriend in Calcutta Boys School from the day he joined school till we parted ways after finishing school in 1965. Not that he needs any certification of character or integrity from anyone, but in my many years before and since I have met very few who had the gentle and compassionate heart, spirit and mind. He was a brillant student, full of fun and mischief. A passionate reader he would devour any books he could lay his hand on by the dozens. I think all the chapel talks by the School principal Mr Clifford Hicks must have been a strong influence whose strong message for working the weakest of our socities I can see has had a strong bearing on Binayakin lighting his precious spirit and zeal to light a candle instead of complaining of the dark. I remember sharing a book Of human Bondage which strongly affected him and became a guide for many.
After nearly 42 years, I often wondered where Binayak was and got this site purely by chance.
It pains me and makes me doubly sad that such a noble soul should be made to suffer this way. His condition today is not Binayaks humilation but reflection in some ways of shining Indias darkside and our collective failure of the silent majority will to stand up and be heard.
My prayers are with you, Binayak and his family. You are not alone, we all are with you.
Rinzing Wangdi

Jayasri Hart

History as it is currently taught demonstrates that exploitation is the flip side of progress and a necessary evil. How are we going to convince the short-term beneficiaries in Chhattisgarh and West Bengal (Singur and Nandigram) that their grandchildren will suffer as a result of what they are doing? Even if we can convince them, will they care?

taru kajaria

It is the most shameful incident for all the progressive people who value human values and strive to create and nurture a society that respects human rights and human dignity. It is outright an act of atrocity on the part of the state mechanism to suppress voices of sanity that go to depict state's weaknesses.
Such acts have to be strongly condemned and staunchly exposed. we are all with a selfless medico like Dr. Vinayak Sen and the PUCL in their fight against the state high handedness.

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