October 29, 2006


Vicki Davis

Wikis are just part of what we do in our classroom. The most exciting use is as an exploratory to introduce a new subject. Perhaps that is how you should start. I actually have a 100% participation rate, and no, although we are a small private school, we are very middle class. I do teach small classes with 20 being my largest.

I also do a segment on Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies and how it is in their future.

I also did a presentation at the k12 online conference that you may want to view. (www.k12onlineconference.org) it is also at the K12wiki we finished which was amazing -- you can to go k12wiki.wikispaces.com.

If you need some help, feel free to contact me via my blog - cool cat teacher.


Hi Gautam,
Congratulations on braving the wilds of web 2.0 with your students!
You've got plenty to think about here on several different levels, so I'll split my response up between this, a follow up on my blog, and a personal email. First of all, I wonder what the students themselves say are the reasons for the level of participation you observed?
I pretty much agree with the points that you shared from Vicki Davis on the uses of wikis, but some of those uses are more of a one-to-many nature (for example, if the wiki is an extension of your classroom lecture), while others are more many-to-many (a group rant). Another mode that students might perceive is many-to-one, where you are garnering several individual responses to your trigger question, but everyone is writing to you alone.
If students feel like the wiki is mostly an extension of your lecture, they might be reluctant to "mess it up" with their own comments. I've got some ideas on how to work around that. More later. Meanwhile, take heart from my driving lesson metaphor.

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