June 04, 2006


Here We Go

I have heard very little about this problem in India. I thought I remembered that India had a huge class structure and that it might be a concern but this sounds really ominous.

We really need to find a way to organize people globally but even in the United States we are fragmented and unable to deal with the real problems. We are so easily divided by words instead of substance. Religious ideology is being pushed in the US media on a level I have never seen in my life time and this has me concerned.

Globalization is really only going to help the few and probably bring a large part of the world into massive poverty in every country, even the US. This only benefits a few people and in the end only the rich and religious leaders. And I am unsure that after it's all said and done that they will really care to have a working class when they can live like gods over humanity.

The worst part is they just don't realize that this will likely come to serious harm one way or the other. You don't just take educated people and throw them into poverty or take one group and raise them above everyone as they hide behind their walls and throw stones at the peasants.

Understand that the propaganda machine in America is in full swing. I would not believe anything that comes out of Washington and don’t believe anything about a strong economy. Things are balanced on a knife and people are angry but unsure who to blame and so immigrants got back lashed. If there was an actual face and names it would be far easier to deal with the problem. And there are still to many people who managed to hold on to their jobs after the year 2000 that haven’t been shuffled out into dead end jobs. The Baby Boomers are mostly clueless, they just don't get it and probably won't until they are on their death bed and their children can't afford to help them.

I could blame Bush and the IMF but that seems to simplistic in my view. I just wish they would find a way to actually integrate the real people that make society work and bring us art, society and the ability to basically live in peace. Instead they seem to be focused on the corporations who from my experience don’t give a damn about people’s rights or anything but the bottom line.

Focusing on wealth to fix the world without any balance of emotional harmony is going to swing us into a world of suffering which could be akin to the dark ages themselves. And it seems so far that the leaders and corporations are hell bent on bringing the dark ages of Western Europe back upon us.

Don’t get me wrong, I think globalization when handled properly is good and population will force it but right now there is nothing that benefits the common people in any society. All of the suffering we see in the world appears to be related to globalization. And I will never, ever trust the corporations to bring liberty and freedom to people since through out history they have always shit upon the common folk and abused them for their gain with the excuse of market pressure for justification.

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