September 19, 2005


Yalın Büyükdora

I agree with the offered proposal in this entry and want to share some similar ideas by writing a comment.

I believe that the method of considering all the major and minor facts within an area of knowledge should be applied in all IB courses (plus the Turkish Educational System courses: being a bit too optimistic here). This learning method is not only more realistic than the basic single-concentration method on subjects (which we nowadays use in the Turkish Educational system), but also a method which develops reasoning skills and broadens the perspectives of a student, since it encourages the learners to think about the "bigger picture", and consequently to figure out all the points in a certain area of knowledge.

I think that, whatever the subject a student concentrates on, (geography, sociology, literature, business or etc.) s/he has to form his/her knowledge as a composition of all the areas of knowledge s/he learns, and try to analyze that subject from this inter-disciplinary method. This will enable him/her to grasp the bigger pictures within the studies they come across with.

As a member of Koç School's IB students, I am glad to study by this learning method. First of all, Theory of Knowledge is the leader course which encourages us to collaborate all areas of knowledge. This inter-disciplinary method is used in social studies department; for analyzing a history case, we apply our knowledge in sociology, geography and psychology and then try to form the cause-relationship in our minds. In English and Turkish courses, we discuss some historical background information before reading the literary works, which enables us to put the knowledge in a context and to better understand the authors' ideas.

In your IB B&M class I believe that we are successful in putting your proposal into practice. For instance, we consider the NGOs, NPOs as well as the managers and shareholders while discussing the applicability of PAST analysis on Human Resource Management. We always use frameworks which consider the every aspect of the subject.

I find this method very useful and I can say that it helps me a lot in forming a vision of the world. I hope that this methodology will one day start up in the Turkish Educational System and allow students have broader and more realistic perspectives in life.

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