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I'm a fifty-seven year old father of two grown-up sons, a husband, a son, a brother, a grandfather; and professionally, a high school teacher burdened both by an "idealistic" belief in the possibility of a world where freedom is more fairly distributed, as well as by the certainty that we are still far away from it. The title Gyanoprobha may seem rather pretentious, as if I am the source of the "light of knowledge" in "the encircling gloom" of my bye-line. I see myself as a "pessoptimist" (whose coinage was that??) - someone looking for a light - a reason to be hopeful about the future - when so many things point in the opposite direction. I find this reason in some people who are very close to me, in some ideas and events. Gyanoprobha is my attempt to make the gloom bearable and look for reasons for hope.


music, history, ideas, contemporary politics, the emerging sciences.